About us

Cloudcenta specialise in reducing UK Businesses employee costs by up to 60%. We do this by outsourcing business processes (BPO), such as inbound and outbound contact centres to India. Our successful tried and tested solution is then wrapped up into a fully managed service by providing local UK based face to face account management.


By 2020, at least $42billion worth of BPO services will be outsourced to India, making a growth of at least 14% every year from now onwards. Cloudcenta are at the forefront of this industrial change, offering UK businesses this link to India.

The only difference between remote staffing and hiring an employee locally is that you now work together online, rather than face to face.

Cloudcenta employees equal low offshore costs and the flexibility of having your own in house staff.

By partnering with cloudcenta, you will save on:

Dedicated contact centre employee
Calls per day
Leads per month

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